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Doctrine of Restitution and Unjust Enrichment

This article has been written by Ms. Avani Mahajan, a student of Symbiosis Law School. Restitution and unjust enrichment are fascinating topics that are frequently connected by the threads of justice in the complicated web of legal concepts. These ideas,…

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Summary Suits | A pathway to time-bound litigation?

This article has been written by Mr. Ishan Mankotia, a student of CHRIST (deemed to be University).   What is Summary Suit?  In the realm of legal proceedings, the concept of summary suits holds significant importance, offering a streamlined approach…

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Concurrent and Consecutive Sentences in Indian Law

This article has been written by Ms. Nivedita Deepu. Introduction In the realm of criminal justice, sentencing is a pivotal aspect of the legal process. Sentencing is a complicated procedure that seeks to balance punishment and rehabilitation while taking the…

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Legalization of the Same-Sex Marriage in India

This article has been written by Mr. Shivanshu Shivam. INTRODUCTION In this world, different people with different body structure, mental ability, or sexual orientation exists and it is the responsibility of any liberal and democratic society to accommodate them and…

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a woman in information technology world

Information Technology and Data Protection in India

Information technology (IT) is transforming industry, communication, and societal relationships in the modern world. It is impossible to stress the importance of effective information technology management in this digital era. However, complex legal frameworks designed to regulate digital operations, data protection, and internet governance go hand in hand with this revolution.
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